Hans Peter Peters

As a social scientist at the Research Center Jülich, Germany, and Adjunct Professor at the Free University of Berlin, I am interested in:

  • Public communication of science, technology & scientific expertise
  • Scientists as public experts
  • Interactions of scientists and journalists
  • Reception and effects of mass media coverage of science and technology
  • Political effects of public science communication: use of expertise, legitimacy of research and science governance
  • Cross-cultural analysis of public communication and public sense-making
  • Social contexts of the neurosciences.
  • This website serves to distribute information for my students, to inform about my current research, and to provide access to selected publications. Furthermore it aims to establish my existence in the global web community.

    Contact information:

    Prof. Dr. Hans Peter Peters
    Forschungszentrum Jülich
    52425 Jülich


    +49 2461 61 3562
    +49 2461 61 2950

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